Nanomid Player Best IPTV App for TV and Phone devices

Nanomid Player

Nanomid Player : The best OTT and IPTV app for SmartT TVs and mobile devices, now with built-in VPN The most advanced app of its kind It is the best solution on the market for better experiencing your playlists of TV channels, films, and series, and is available in the stores of major TV and smartphone brands.

Nanomid Player
Application features: 

Quick Synchronization : Upload your playlists by scanning the QR or typing a short temporary OTP code

Favorites List : Just one button to keep as many TV channels, movies and series as you want at your fingertips

Multilingual : Change audio track and subtitle to all languages supported by your playlist

Catch Up : Watch past TV programs when it is more convenient for you (must be supported by the provider of your playlist)

Parental Control : Set a pin and disable entire content categories to protect your family

Search Engine : Find a desired title or the TV channel by tapping on your TV remote


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Available Everywhere Download Nanomid App on your compatible Smart TVs, or mobile devices Android

Samsung Smart TV

The TVs certified and enabled to use Nanomid Player are:

  • Samsung Smart TV series 2014 and later (J series not supported)


LG Smart TV

The TVs certified and enabled to use Nanomid Player are:

  • LG Smart TV year 2016 and later (compatible from webOS 3.0 onwards)


Android/Android Tv

In order to use Nanomid on your Android device, you need to connect it to the internet, download the Nanomid App from the “Play Store”.
If you can’t find the app in the “Play Store” your model is probably not among those enabled for the service . All android devices. ( From Android 5.0 – From Android Tv 9.0 )

Fire Tv

In order to use Nanomid Player on your Amazon device it is necessary to connect it to the internet, download the Nanomid App from “”.
Follow the guide from the site and install the apk. Below you can check the list of compatible devices:


Limitless Playlists


Manage your playlists anytime from mobile or desktop via the simple web interface. Nanomid Player supports the most popular formats such as .m3u, ts and many others.

Manage your playlists  : Nanomid РPlayer РManage your App



Protect your privacy and watch TV anonymously with Nanomid VPN, which can be activated directly from Nanomid Player without the need to install or configure anything else (additional charges apply)

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