5 Best IPTV Apps for Smart TV in 2022

A very large percentage of people now watch TV online, that is, not via satellite, but with   Wi-Fi network, specifically watching IPTV channels, in other words, watching channels on TV through IPTV technology, which has become very popular. There are many IPTV applications that allow you to play and watch encrypted and open channels on smart TV for free or paid. So if you are confused about choosing the right application, I will show you in this topic the 5 best IPTV applications to watch channels online on smart TV.

If you want to enjoy watching channels and live broadcasts of matches and others on smart TV, you should know that it is necessary to resort to an application that allows you to play IPTV M3U lists. So what I will present to you are the ideal options for a better viewing experience on Smart TV.

Best IPTV Apps for Smart TV

As mentioned above, this is only an IPTV M3U file reader. And you can get the latter through some of the websites that provide you with this. If you want IPTV M3U files to watch the channels in high quality and without interruptions in broadcasting, I advise you to use the CleanIPTV website that I personally use at a price of $ 10 per month, or $ 75 per year. As for the sites that provide IPTV M3U lists for free, I do not guarantee that they will work for you permanently and with high performance efficiency based on my personal experience.

TiviMate IPTV Player

It is one of the best applications that allows you to play IPTV files on your Android TV. However, unfortunately there is no phone version. Above all, this application allows you to watch comfortably IPTV files have always depended on good servers. In addition, the application includes many features related to the use experience, such as supporting multiple playlists, renaming channels and importing custom logos for them according to your preferences, you can also arrange the appearance of channels in the list, and other important things that make it easier for you to use the application.


Another very popular application in the world of IPTV, due to its free services and its high efficiency in playing files in many formats, including m3u, asx, xspf, pls. You can also play any video or audio clip, whether online or offline. The application is characterized by many other features such as the ability to access the content of the service provider, the parental control feature, elegance and smoothness in use, and high performance in operation.

IPTV Smarters Pro

This famous application is also a player that supports IPTV files, as you can play it on it with high performance. It is designed to work with any smart TV, but with exclusive support for Samsung and LG brands, not to mention that it also supports Android. Easy to use app, all you have to do is upload your IPTV file, put a URL link or login to it via Xtream Codes API.


An application that allows us to watch IPTV on smart TV through m3u lists that allow us to access all encrypted and open channels and play movies and series. In addition, you can also install the application on some of the TV box devices such as the famous Amazon Fire TV Stick and some other devices that have this application pre-installed, and it is worth noting that the application is also compatible with Apple TV devices

r is a paid application that plays IPTV subscriptions on smart screens, it allows you to run IPTV subscriptions as a Playstop subscription on Samsung smart screens | LG webOS | tvOS Apple

IBO Player

This application is not affiliated with Playstop, and does not contain channel lists. It is only used to run Playstop subscriptions on smart screens. To find out more details about the IBO Player application through the official application website, click here

The IBO Player application gives you a 7-day free trial when you download it. After that, you must purchase the application to continue using it to run subscriptions. The price of the application is 8 euros for each device you want to use the application on. You pay only once for life, and it is purchased from the official website of the application as well. We will explain in the last step.

Subscribing to the IBO Player application only allows you to use the application to play the subscriptions, while subscribing to Playstop allows you to watch encrypted and open Arabic and foreign channels in live broadcast via the Internet and the movie and series platform. The IBO Player application is not affiliated with PLAYSTOP, it is only used for subscription playback on your device.

In this guide, we will show you how to activate PLAYSTOP subscriptions on the IBO Player application. You can benefit from this guide if you request a free trial or subscribe and want to activate the subscription on a smart screen Samsung | LG | tvOS Apple, all you need to be able to activate is the trial or subscription link in M3U format, which you will receive in the free trial message or subscription email when requesting a free trial IPTV or subscribing to Playstop

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